Annecy. At 22, Lise Mercat is the pastry chef at Bistrot de Vincent

Two blue marbles that say a lot about the determination of Lise Mercat, the very young pastry chef of Bistrot de Vincent, newly installed at Galeries Lafayette.

Already in kindergarten, Lise did not like the cakes served in the canteen and took over the kitchen with her sister and two little neighbors to treat her family.

Still hesitant at 15 on the way forward, she took off for a year in the USA; “There, we could choose our courses. I had taken astrology, sewing, cooking and, quickly, I realized that the course I was most looking forward to was cooking”.

His choice is made. She went to train at the Paul-Bocuse Institute and obtained a bachelor’s degree in “culinary arts with a specialization in restaurant desserts”.

A first internship in the USA in a “4 star”, a second with Frédéric Hénon in Lyon and a third with Vincent Favre-Félix, where she put her luggage.

At 22, the young woman likes to surprise by combining chocolate with juniper berries, and by subtly enhancing desserts with aromatic herbs.

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