Animal wandering: the SPA alerts the population

Animal wandering is a real scourge in our department. On vacation, like the rest of the year, there are many abandoned dogs and cats. The Sainte-Marie SPA is always full. Thus, young residents are waiting to find a family.

L’wandering animal is a phenomenon that persists in Reunion. Indeed, on the island, the abandonment of animals does not stop.

Pogo is a 7-month-old Dalmatian who had a short stay at the Sainte-Marie SPA. The young dog left the establishment to join his new family the day after his arrival. A photo on social media has generated a lot of excitement from animal lovers. “Between the time he was posted on Facebook and 11 p.m. last night, we received about 40 messages from people who wanted to adopt Pogo”says Jean-Luc Mignot, president of SPA Réunion.

Not everyone is so lucky. Here, the flow of dropouts is constantly tense. A situation that requires a lot of effort: “Unlike mainland France where there is a peak in dropouts in July and August, we don’t have this peak in dropouts because we are almost at a peak all year round”, laments the man. At most, 32 dogs can be accommodated in 16 stalls of the site.

Best practices to apply

As for the cat, the other most stray animal on the island, the accommodation capacity within the structure is greater. “We have about fifty adult cats in the cattery. Which is really a lot so there is a need for adoption to free up space so that other cats can be saved, as for dogs”indicates the president of the SPA.

For caregivers, only one solution is possible, in particular the castration of males and the sterilization of females. “For people who want to have their animals sterilized for free, depending on their income, contact the communities of municipalities on which your municipality depends to find out when the campaigns to have your animals sterilized take place”insists Jean-Luc Mignot.

Animal wandering is a well-known problem in our territory, which could be reduced if good practices are implemented.

In 2021, the number of stray dogs in Reunion was estimated at 42,000.


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