and to say that we were afraid of “wokes”! – Liberation


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The danger did not come from where many French commentators expected it, but from the reactionary American right, holding a hardcore ideology which also intends to attack, among other things, the rights of LGBTQI people.

What a sad irony! When we think that we have been alerted for years to a supposed “American danger”. Not a week goes by without spreading an editorial, without a TV set mentioning the “drifts” of the American left and its identity progressivism, its cult of minorities, its gender studies, its anti-racism, its cancel culture, etc. etc Everything that has been called “wokism” and which constituted a “civilizational” threat not only for the Americans but also for the French, to hear our house pamphleteers.

Did we live in error? Because the prophecy has been radically reversed. If there is indeed an American danger in the making, it is that of the conservative and reactionary right which has just put an end to abortion at the national level against the opinion of a majority of Americans. The fanaticism of this hardcore ideology called “pro-life” and “pro-flag” – whose actions have been passed over too much in silence, as busy as we were debating inclusive writing…


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