Americans do not want to see Biden candidate in 2024

Only 29% of Americans are currently in favor of a candidacy for Joe Biden in 2024, according to a survey. Worse, almost half of those polled think he is a bad president.

Falling popularity. According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll poll relayed by The Hill, only 29% of Americans want Joe Biden to run for his own estate in 2024.

In the first position of the reasons, the interviewees answered that the 46e President of the United States was a 45% bad head of state. Respondents then advanced his age (33%) and finally a desire for change for 25%.

The resident of the White House does not win support among Democratic supporters. The latter would only be 30% to vote for him in the event of a candidacy for the Democratic primary for the presidential election.

61% against a return of Donald Trump

However, the people questioned do not want a new candidacy of Donald Trump for 61% of them.

Joe Biden has a falling popularity rating. According to a Five Thirty Eight survey, reported by Atlantico, 55.9% of US citizens have an unfavorable opinion of him.

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