Abused dog was rescued in time, she now has a new family

When Beatrix Benet and her family met Makenna in a house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she hid her face against the wall and her body behind the furniture, out of fear. With the help of this woman and other volunteers, the canine succeeded to overcome his traumas and now enjoys life on the go.

Makenna and her difficult life

Dogs are generally cheerful creatures attached to people. However, many of these four-legged creatures have been abused, causing them to experience terrible trauma. Despite this, there are big hearts like that of Dr. Beatriz Benet, who, through volunteering, managed to save Makenna, a canine who came to know the crueler side of human beings.

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When Dr. Benet found her, as you can see in an Instagram video below. The dog was in a house, with other puppies, in precarious conditions.

The canine was so frightened that when she was found, she hid her face behind every possible object, so as not to make eye contact. To save her, he had to be patient and understanding, and thus gain her trust to save her.

Abused dog was rescued in time, she now has a new family

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As soon as Dr. Benet felt it was possible, he took her to a vet for a diagnosis. There he discovered that Makenna had pyometra, an infection of the uterus. An urgent operation was therefore essential to find him a temporary home. Volunteers took Makenna to the pet store for her first bath, but she was still fearful.

After many attempts, they managed to place her in warm clothes and a cozy bed so she could rest, until she gained trust in humans.

“To our surprise, she decided to face her fear and explore the place. Gradually, she regained her confidence and learned what affection is and what love is. Love transforms », said Beatriz on Instagram. Now she can enjoy the love with her new family.

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