Abortion rights threatened in the United States

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The United States Supreme Court struck down the 1973 “Roe vs. Wade” ruling that guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion last Friday, sending shock waves around the world. The situation inspired the Swiss cartoonist Chappatte.

The repeal by the US Supreme Court of the decree constitutionally guaranteeing the right to abortion in the United States, Friday, June 24, caused reactions around the world. President Joe Biden immediately lamented “a tragic mistake” that “literally sets America back 150 years”. The UN, meanwhile, speaks of a “huge blow to women’s rights and gender equality”. Feminist movements immediately reacted with numerous street mobilizations.

The nation’s highest court has been controlled by the religious right since former President Donald Trump appointed several ultra-conservative judges. From now on, each State is free to authorize or not the abortion on its territory. In just a few days, abortion became illegal in nine states, Utah, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Alabama, thus accentuating the already gaping fractures of American society.

Likening the judges of the Supreme Court to the Taliban, condemned internationally for the treatment they reserve for Afghan women, the Swiss cartoonist Chabbatte denounces the attack on the rights of American women.

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