a national training center for healthy, organic, local and homemade collective catering

Saturday July 2, on the sidelines of the National Collective Catering Meetings, which took place in…

Saturday July 2, on the sidelines of the National Meetings of Collective Catering, which took place in this town attached to Buisson-de-Cadouin, the city councilor referred to the upcoming creation of a training center dedicated to this organic collective catering, healthy and local.

The National Collective Catering Meetings lasted two days, with numerous technical workshops.

Gregoire Morizet

Local breeds

This center is an important step in the long-term policy supported by the Departmental Council, relying on the technical expertise of the collective Les pieds dans le plat. Since 2017, it has materialized through the transition to 100% organic, local and homemade for four colleges or school groups.

This year, “they will be joined by the Anne-Frank College [Périgueux]Montaigne [Périgueux]as well as those of Beaumontois-en-Périgord [collège Léo-Testut] and Saint Cyprien [Jean-Ladignac] “, announced the president of the Department, Germinal Peiro, during these Meetings. “And in 2026, all of the 35 colleges in the department will have switched to this process. »

Germinal Peiro and Jean-Marc Mouillac.

Germinal Peiro and Jean-Marc Mouillac.

Gregoire Morizet

The ambition is threefold. Firstly social, by “offering healthy and good food to all our children when we know that it is the poorest families who eat the least balanced”, he explained. To this, he combines an economic will, which must help “the relocation of agriculture”, one lever of which is “to offer farmers a market”.

“In 2026, all of the 35 colleges in the department will have switched to this process”

The last part of the triptych is environmental, since this strategy avoids the purchase from agro-industrial groups of dishes “of poor quality made with products that come from the end of the world”, hammered Jean-Marc Mouillac, pioneer of a restoration collective with “peasant seeds and local and ancient meat breeds”.

Five sessions in 2023

As it expands, this public policy reveals new needs. “We need trained cooks and professionals who will train these cooks”, sums up Germinal Peiro. Not just in the Dordogne, but all over France. Hence its desire to create a dedicated training center.

Cadouin Abbey was chosen. It offers the advantage of being the property of the Department, which also has a hostel there managed by the United Federation of Youth Hostels, equipped with a collective kitchen. “It would also make it possible to run it in low season”, confides the president.

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