A man crawls into a small cave to save 9 puppies

Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope For Paws, a Los Angeles organization dedicated to rescuing strays, spends most of its time searching for and rescuing stray dogs. Many of these dogs aren’t always easy to rescue, but he always finds a way to make it happen, even when a rescue seems nearly impossible. This time he entered a small cave to save 9 puppies hiding there.

The video of this rescue is made in memory of his dear friend and rescuer Lisa M Ashe, who loved animals and always did her best to find the best homes for them. Hope For Paws got a call right after Lisa’s funeral about a litter of puppies needing help.


The best way to commemorate their loved one was to take action. This particular rescue turned out to be one of the most difficult.

A man crawls to save 9 puppies in a cave

Two women who work nearby have been feeding these hard-to-rescue dogs for two years now, and keep Eldad updated on the dogs’ condition as he hatches new plans to try and save them.

One of the dogs had given birth to several puppies, which then hid in a small cave.

The puppies were born to a feral mother who had consistently managed to flee rescue teams for the past five years. She then hid her puppies in a cave. These adult dogs had survived on their own for so long that they were very afraid of people, so it was almost impossible for anyone to get near them.

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But Eldad didn’t want to give up, so he literally dug his way into the small cave to free the puppies.

Eldad told The Dodo:

“If you make the slightest move towards them, they run across the train tracks and disappear. »

Since the puppies kept going in and out of the cave, it was difficult to determine exactly how many they really were. The women sat with them for six hours, watching them come in and out, and eventually determined there were eight dogs.

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The hope that this rescue would be more successful was that they would end up saving their mother and the other strays as well. Eldad and his team headed to the cave to try to rescue 6 week old puppies. When they reached the cave, rescue teams tried to use chunks of cheese to coax the puppies out of hiding.

When some of them finally came out, Eldad noticed their brindle color, which was odd considering three of the strays were light brown. So he immediately realized that the puppies’ father was a homeless dog named Tank that he had rescued from the same neighborhood a few months earlier.

The puppies were eager to be fed, but they were also very cautious, as they had had very little human interaction in their short lives. When Eldad grabbed the first, the others panicked and ran back in their cave.

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The cave entrance was very small, but Eldad wasn’t about to give up without a fight. As best he could, he squeezed himself into the dark, cramped little place, hoping the puppies weren’t too far away for him to catch. Slowly and carefully, he managed to extract each of the puppies.

The puppies were so scared to feel human hands for the first time that they cried and cried, until they felt the petting and realized they were safe.

Eldad relates thus:

“They didn’t understand what we were doing there, because they thought we were predators trying to hurt them.”

With the help of a shovel, Eldad managed to get all the puppies out.

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“Every time a train passed, you could feel the whole floor shaking. It was a very scary experience. »

It took Eldad and his companions seven and a half hours to get the puppies out of the cave, but one by one the group managed to get each pup out of the small cave.

The eight puppies were now safe and in the arms of their rescuers, but even though the women had assured Eldad that there were only eight, he returned to the cave and listened very carefully, just in case. where.

All nine puppies were rescued

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To his surprise, he heard lower moans coming from inside the cave. After some more searching, he finally found the ninth cub, the smallest of the litter, who had probably never come out of the cave because he was too scared so the women didn’t know he existed. .

The puppies were taken to different foster homes, where they are now being cared for.

Eldad clarifies:

“The puppies are doing so well, it’s absurd. They are so happy, they are the happiest dogs in the world. It’s also the most secretive group of pups, as if their mother tried to tell them, “Be quiet, there are coyotes around here,” when they lived in the cave. They are very stealthy. »

Now that the puppies and their father have been rescued, Eldad and his team will focus their efforts on trying to save the mother and the other dogs once and for all. They have a new long-term plan which they hope will be successful, and hope that within the next two months the whole family will be safe and find a forever home.

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