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This street cat arrives at the shelter in bad shape

Mau Mau is an adorable black and white cat who was adopted from the Feline Care Cat Shelter in Norfolk, England.

Arriving at the shelter, the cat had some peculiarities.

A cat in bad shape

She didn’t have many teeth left and her tongue was hanging out. She couldn’t close her eyes and used her third eyelid to blink.

The cat was quite fearful. But once she got her bearings at the shelter, she began to show her mischievous and curious personality.

It was Amelia who adopted the pretty cat after falling in love with her. It must be said that Mau Mau has a very special look, which gives the impression that the cat comes straight out of a cartoon!

An endearing personality

Mau Mau is very curious and wants to inspect everything new in the house.

When her mistress is in the kitchen, the cat sits in the doorway and stares at her with her disturbing gaze: she supervises everything that happens in the kitchen!

When Amelia gets up in the morning, she comes running and jumps on the back of the sofa next to her mom. The brave cat always helps her mistress to start the day off right!

So adorable

Always ready for scratches

Or to explore all the boxes

And to climb on the bed of his human!

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By Ludivine Mazzotti Picture credits:

Instagram @maumau.thecartooncat

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