a dirty little female dog runs to a passerby, whose love changed her destiny

July 2013, a date that Severine and his son will never forget. On their way to the conservatory, the duo comes face to face with a stray hairball.

A little dirty yellow dog ran towards us. I looked at her; it was not my kind of dog at all. I prefer the big ones who don’t bark much, the quiet grandmas and grandmothersentrusts the mother of the family to the editorial team of Woopets, this 3 or 4 kg pug, overexcited, was the opposite of the attractions I had for the canine race. And yet, like love at first sight between humans, the moment I met his mischievous little gaze, I felt a crack in my chest. »

Work of chance or fate, when true love knocks on our door, it’s hard not to open it.

A hairy encounter

Coming out of the establishment, an hour later, Severine and her boy were once again greeted by the creature with the large, pointy ears. Sensitive to the animal’s distress, they held out their hand without hesitation: head for the SPA. In the absence of a tattoo, microchip and wanted notice, the volunteers asked the good Samaritans to temporarily keep the little beast.

In July, they were overwhelmed and had no more roomexplained our interlocutor, the volunteer added that if we don’t hear from you in the next 10 days (I had considered posting announcements), she’s been dropped. Either we bring it back or we keep it. My son and I celebrated! Indeed, the young lady in the yellow dress had already won their hearts.

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An unexpected new family member

Back from the shelter, mother and son united to convince the dad, who was cautious about adopting a 2e dog in such a small house. But it seems that the barefoot has met Severine at the right time: a move to a house offering much more space was planned for that year.

Over the decade, no one claimed the wanderer. 5 months later, the family moved into their new cozy nest. 9 years after her sensational arrival in the parking lot of the conservatory, the one who was baptized Iota took ” an excessive place on the sofa and in the hearts of his benefactors.

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The orphan has not only gained new “parents”, but also a sister by the name of Fifi. Subsequently, a 3e named dog Inuk completed the table.

Iota is clearly the pack leader. Fifi follows her everywhere and lets herself be dominatedsaid our source, Iota is jealous when the 2 biggest have fun together! She growls, barks and seems to want to forbid them to play. In fact Iota is a little dictator! But 3 minutes later I find her lying on one or between the 2. »

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Loved one

During the last years, Iota greatly enriched the family’s scrapbook. Her princess whims, her adorable mannerisms and her finesse of mind marked those close to her. But in the ball of smiles and laughter, tears have already invited themselves unexpectedly.

She made me cry onceremember Severine, my husband took a stick and threw it at Fifi and Iota started screaming in terror. It was a heartbreaking cry… I understood. I understood why she feared the broom too. As small and fragile as she was, she must have received blows in “her life before” of which we will never know anything. »

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Whatever her background, the female Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher cross buried it deep with the help of her adopters. Mistreatment and wandering have given way to benevolence and stability. 9 years ago, in the car park of the conservatory, the little yellow and dirty dog ​​had the most important encounter of her life.

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I know she’ll make me cry a second timeconcluded Severine, the day she leaves us forever. Because “when a dog abandons his master, it’s not to go on vacation” “, as so aptly pointed out by the 30 Million Friends Foundation in a moving campaign against abandonment.

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Photo credits: Severine Ardon


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