A cat who goes to a store to beg for food steals a woman’s heart

As Tania Sants was walking to a store near her home in Mexico, she noticed a small white cat watching her. Apparently, this lovely feline used to sit at the entrance of the place begging for food from kind-hearted people, and Tania was next on her list.

The woman greeted the feline with a few hugs, which then led her into the shop. As she was walking down a specific aisle, the cat blocked woman’s way, pointing him to another particular section of the store.

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Of course, Tania bought him a few bags of treats. Then, the next time she visited the store, she looked for it at the entrance, but couldn’t find it. The white cat was indeed already inside the place, waiting in the middle of his favorite alley, the one where the animal food was.


Tania asked the store employees if they knew who the cat belonged to, but none of them had a clue, the only thing they knew was that every day it arrived on time and after eaten, he fled quickly, but no one knew where.

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During his next store visit, Tania was determined to find out where the kitten went each day. After buying food and waiting for him to finish, she decided to follow him and discovered that he lived in a wasteland.

Tania told The Dodo:

“I took him home and adopted him. »

It is not known how long the feline has been on the streets, but its life seems to have been quite difficult, its fur was matted and it had some wounds on the body, and part of its tail was missing. Fortunately, the kitten now called Rabbit, in homage to his missing tail, finally found a family who would take care of him forever.

Tania wrote on Instagram:

“We don’t know if it’s because of bad treatment from people or just because he got into fights with other street animals, he let himself be touched and carried, but his face was very sad and fearful all the time. I think he showed us a great lesson that we should show respect, love and empathy towards other beings. »

After taking him home, Tania went back to the store to tell them about the adoption and to check again if anyone had stopped by to ask. cat news. The employees assured her that no one had come to inquire about the cat and thanked her for rescuing it from the streets.

© Instagram/ conejo_elgato

Tanya says:

“They told me no one had come to pick him up. They thanked me for bringing him home. I bought him lots of candy. He can trust that I always will. »

Now he enjoys life with his new mistress and his cat brother called Zulem. He is now living a happy new chapter in his life, filled with lots of love and all the treats he desires. He no longer needs to go to the store…

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