3 Labrador Retriever puppies were abandoned for a horrifying reason

Illegal dog farms are unfortunately still talked about for their disrespect for animal welfare. As soon as a puppy is no longer profitable, he ends up cowardly abandoned.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022, in the middle of the afternoon around 4 p.m., an individual unceremoniously separated from 3 adorable Labrador Retriever puppies at Renfrewshirein Scotland. Luckily, a Good Samaritan picked them up and took them to safety within the shelter of the Scottish SPCA.

It is not common for purebred puppies to be neglected in this way and the informed members of the association immediately detected a health problem.

After having had confirmation from the veterinarian, they were able to say with certainty that these 3 little babies were suffering from parvovirus, an extremely contagious and potentially fatal disease which rages in the UK.

Fortunately, in this case, the puppies were taken care of in time by the trainers. They are recovering quietly within the association. They have also been vaccinated so that they no longer risk such an infection.

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Investigation and explanations

A few days earlier, a small canine of the same age and the same race had strangely been found dead not far from there for the agents of the RSPCA. An investigation of identification microchips revealed that it was a litter brother of those found still alive on June 14.

“We suspect these babies are linked to prolific low-welfare puppy dealers operating in Scotland. In the past, we have come across similar cases where puppies have been abandoned as soon as they are no longer profitable because they have fallen ill”explained the investigator to the Mirror.

Indeed, the costs incurred to care for the little ones would have undermined the profile of the individual. The investigation also revealed that the malicious seller had convinced a naive potential buyer to join him in a public place with 2 babies and a dog he claimed to be the mother.

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This one had let himself be coaxed and had adopted one of them, but had very quickly found himself at the veterinarian with his sick puppy, contaminated by the same virus.

“The Scottish SPCA is dedicated to combating the illegal puppy trade”, said a spokesperson. The perpetrator has still not been apprehended, but the team intends to put an end to its illicit and immoral activity.


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